About us



We always liked to think that a great idea can have a thousand lives, a thousand adopters and just as many stories. We've always liked the idea of a quality job going straight into the right hands. And we've always liked people proving to be good at what they do.



Action, Sound and Vision: Videos engage a thousand times more than a picture. When you're watching a Video, it's like being there. This is why we created the concept of Video Ad and the CiakAD platform, to guarantee everybody with a valuable, original and winning service that leads Video Ads to the top of search results, bringing it directly to people looking for that specific information/product.
Since day one we have been developing our service to focus on customers while building on the results obtained by the people, clients and associations supporting us to this very day. Our aim is to create a new way of discovery things; a communication formula that works because it's conceived for all areas of interest, from a simple exchange, to business to non-profit.

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