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With CiakAD you can upload, find and suggest Video Ads about goods for sale, on offer and for trade


with no fee; you can sell, offer and find cars, houses, jobs, goods, services and find dates




Video Ads for people

Create your Video Ads - or more than one: they can last up to 30 seconds and have a 100 MB maximum size.

Don't worry about the video format: CiakAD automatically converts and uploads any video file.


How does this work


Register - it's easy and quick:

just insert your username, email and password

As soon as you confirm the registration, CiakAD automatically generates your profile pageIt’s the first step to upload your Video Ad on CiakAD and on the web, Expand and enhance your profile with images, information and contacts.


Title and Description

Use effective keywords to boost the indicization in the search engines. Keywords related to your products and services for sale, on offer and for trade; keywords utilized by people searching for your Ad.

Upload and Share

Specify the position of your Video Ad in the map, upload and share it on social media and on your blog.
Thus, as well as on CiakAD, your Video Ad gets total visibility.

It's easy and quick
Find the ad you're looking for by using the CiakAD search bar, or browse the categories. You can change your location research to visualize the closest Video Ads, local or from another city.


Video Quality SD Up to 30 sec - MAX 100 MB

Share your Video Ad

Video Embed Share your Video Ad with your friends on social media.

Thumbnails video

Video Thumbnail Automatic Video preview

Profile user

Profile customized with image, informations and contacs



CiakAD for Non-Profit


CiakAD - just like you - sincerely believes in volunteer work and in all non-profit associations and enterprises helping the community.

This is why CiakAD offers a free and exclusive space where you can upload Video Ads to support social projects by promoting the visibility of your social initiatives.

This will be available for:

Volunteer Organizations
Social Promotion Associations
Social Cooperatives
Civil Rights Foundations
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)


Contact us to learn more