Frequently asked questions


1. Registration


Why register for CiakAD?


By creating your account in CiakAD, you can access simple and quick functions to post, promote and modify your video ads.

You will also be able to comment on all the video ads you’re interested in, contact the advertisers with private messages and customize your profile.


How to register for CiakAD?


Registering for CiakAD is very simple. Click on "Sign Up" on the top right and fill out the required fields. After completing the form, you will receive an email asking to confirm the registration. Just click on the link showed in the email.

If the link does not work, copy and paste it in the address bar of your browser (Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera …) or contact us.


Which email should I use for Registering?


It is preferable to use your regular email addres; all the replies to your video ads will be sent to your email address.


Which kind of password should I use for Registering?


We recommend a series of alphanumeric characters (number and letters). A minimum of six is required.


What if I forget my password?


Go to the main access page , click on "Forgot your password?", enter your username or your email address and click "Reset my Password". You will receive an email containing your username and a link which allows you to change your password.


Why should I agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of this service?


Agreeing to the Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy will allow you to enjoy the services offered by CiakAD as create, upload, comment and modify your video ads and also to contact the advertisers.


Do I have to pay to register?


Registration for CiakAD is free.


How can I confirm my email?


If you still have not received our confirmation email to access your account, make sure you’ve checked the email address you used for registering to CiakAD.

Also, please check the spam filter and the spam folder, making sure you accept the emails sent by CiakAD. If you need help, contact us


Do I have to use my real name?


Writing your real name it’s not necessary, all users will be able to contact you anyway. You can either choose your real name or a nickname, just remind that changing your name is not currently possible.


How can I close my Profile?


If you want to close your Profile, just send us an email; please be aware that all your data, profile, comments and answers to your video ads will be deleted and no more recoverable.


2. Uploading a Video Ad


How can I upload a Video Ad?


Uploading a Video Ad is very simple.

Either register or sign in, then click on “Publish a Video AD” at the top right of the page, choose the category and select the video file from your computer by clicking “Choose document”. Then, write title and description in the provided boxes to clearly describe your Video Ad. If you are selling goods, you can also enter the price. Put the red placeholder on the map to indicate the position of your Video Ad. Finally, click on “Upload”: your Video Ad will be uploaded within minutes and CiakAD will send you an email stating the Video Ad was succesfully uploaded. Plase, also read our Guidebook


How long my Video Ad will be online?


The term of publication of a Video Ad is one year (365 days) from the uploading date. Remember that you also can delete your Video Ad at any time.


How much is the uploading fee?


The uploading of Video Ads with CiakAD is FREE.


Can I modify my Video Ad?


You can modify 4 parameters anytime: title, description, the position of the placeholder (on the map) and the price.


I have shared a Video Ad, but I cannot find it on the website: where is it?


You can view all the Video Ads you’ve successfully uploaded by clicking “Find” or by accessing to your Profile clicking “Profile” at the top right.


How can I delete my Video Ad?


Access CiakAD and get to the page containing the Video Ad you want to delete, click “Delete this VideoAD” under the description and then confirm.


What’s the maximum Video Ad size I can share?


Sizes up to 100 MB for every Video Ad are recommended.


What is the maximum running time for a Video Ad?


The maximum running time for a Video Ad is 30 seconds. If your Video Ad is longer, no worries: our automatic system will share its first 30 seconds.


How many Video Ads can I share?


There’s no limit to the sharing of Video Ads which meet our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


3. Reply to a Video Ad


How can I reply to a Video Ad?


To comment or reply to a Video Ad or contact the advertiser, please compile the form under the map in the webpage containing the Video Ad.


Can I privately contact the advertiser?


All the comments to a Video Ad are public.

After signing in, you can exchange personal contacts with advertisers and also comment privately clicking,“This is a private comment” hiding it to the general public and safeguarding your privacy.

Please remind that a private comment could be shared only with the advertiser.


4. Viewing Video Ads


How can I find the Video Ads I’m interested in?


If you already know what you are looking for, simply digit the keywords in the search field on the upper side of every page, for example “house to rent”.


How can I visualize the nearest Video Ads?


CiakAD automatically proposes Video Ads nearest to your IP address.

To visualize Video Ads closer to another city, click “Change” and digit another location.


Can I share Video Ads with my friends?


Yes, you can share all Video Ads with your contacts or friends or on your Social Media profile (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn....); otherwise, copy and paste its address wherever you want. This simple operation is also very helpful to enhance the number of visualizations of your Video Ads and the possibility to get your results.


Can I visualize Video Ads from a certain category?


Of course you can; click on the requested category from the menu just below our CiakAD logo or, if you are already visualizing a Video Ad, click on the category showed under the map.



5. Video Ads for Business – SEO Video


How much does CiakAD for Business cost?


CiakAD Video SEO service for Business starts from € 1,75 per day; to enjoy a free trial, START NOW. CiakAD provides Personal Technical and Commercial Assistance with full advice on Video Ads and share monitoring to all new customers.



How much does the Registration cost?


Creating a Business profile on is free.


Can we try the service before buying?


Yes! To enjoy a free trial, START NOW.


Do we have to buy the service after the free trial?

After the free trial expires, there is no purchase obligation.


Can we autonomously upload Video Ads without contacting you?


No, the autonomous publishing of Video Ads for Business is currently not possible.


Which methods of payment will be accepted?


Bank and Paypal transfers are accepted.


How can I get my Video Ad in the first page of search engines?


It’s easy: To get your Video Ads in the first page of search engines, just share a Video Ad on CiakAD for Business. Our team will monitor the publishing of the Video Ads step by step.


Can I also share all my Video Ads on our website?


Yes. By embedding Video Ads on the home page or in the first pages of your website, Ciakad will boost both to maximum index and visibility.


How can I renew my CiakAD Video Ads for Business – SEO Video service for positioning?


Our Team in CiakAD will contact you before the expiry date of the service (365 days from the date of publication), with information on the renewal options in order to avoid the automatic elimination of all your Video Ads.


Can I modify my Video Ads?


Yes, you can modify 4 parameters anytime: title, description, position of the placeholder (on the map) and the price. However, we would advice against changing title and description; that could jeopardize positioning and visibility of your Video Ads in search engines. If you need to alter any content, our team is at your disposal for all requests, contact us


How long will my Video Ads be among the first results?


The positioning is influenced by many factors depending partly on the description and content and partly on the algorithms used by search engines; also, positioning could be influenced by the website in which the Video Ad is embedded. Contact us for specific advice.


Are extra services included in the service?


No; the purchase price includes one year video service, Personal Technical and Commercial After Sale Assistance with full advice on title and description of your Video Ads plus share monitoring.


Is there any limit to the purchase of Video Ads for Business?


There is no limit to the number of Video Ads you can purchase; please note that our CiakAD Video Ads for Business and Organizations – SEO Video service for positioning in the United States of America is currently unavailable.


Is it possible to suspend or interrupt the publishing of Video Ads and restore the service later?


The suspension of the publishing of Video Ads without compromising the positioning is not available. Our support team is at your disposal to grant you with the best visibility and experience and will find the right solution for every need.