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CiakAD Seo video, web video marketing, to optimization on line video ads and website in the search engines, commercial video, service for company to get traffic, improve leads and sales, professional seo video advertising, market place b2b.

CiakAD SEO video optimization service, video advertising in the search engine for business, web guerrilla marketing video, Sem video and viral video advertising techniques, on line advertising and marketing strategy, to get traffic, improve leads and sales, CiakAD is a video ads solution for company, it also has an automatic system that generates additional information for the Video Ads for products and services to increase their visibility in search engines. Video Search engine advertising is on line marketing to increase contacts by people looking for your ads. With CiakAD video SEO technology for commercial video, you can attract a wider range of customers and redirecting their contacts. We offer copywriter seo and video seo consulting for companies, web video marketing consulting to improve visibility and ranking for web site, brand, products and services, video ads and market place for b2b, b2c, c2c. Contact us, start a free trial.